Friday, December 23, 2005

Glasses and Wal-Mart

I woke up yesterday morning and to my horror my glasses were broken. Here in Omaha where we set up our refugee camp, I don't have a night stand and so I sleep with my glasses under my pillow. But that morning, they were snapped in two, broken right on the nose bridge.
So Therese and I went to get me new glasses. I also got contacts, but they are hard for me to wear because I don't like touching my eyes. There was some silver lining in all of this. My old glasses were purchased about four years ago following an episode that I like to call "Gilgamesh flushed Abu's glasses down the toilet while he was in the shower." Not only did I lose my glasses, but I got very cold water also. But I bought them from a Sam's Club in New Orleans. I didn't know at the time that Sam's Club and Walmart were essentially the same company. And everytime I would explain to friends like Mark Gstohl (or whatever he calls himself these days) why they should boycott Wal-Mart, he would point to my glasses in what he thought was a triumphal sign of hypocrisy. So now that I have new glasses, I am free of all former connections to Wal-Mart, and I can see more clearly and righteously. But honestly, right now my glasses are in the shop waiting for me to pick them up, and it is 6AM, and I don't have my contacts in yet, so I'm not seeing clearly at all.


Ed said...

That's a great picture. Great story, too.
Glad to hear about anyone who is not supportive of Wal-Mart (accidental purchases at Sam's Club can be excused, but only once...)

[There is a large Walmart only a few blocks from our apartment (urban Honolulu), but I have refused to even enter the place. There was a lot of controversy over the manner in which the Walmart was allowed to be built there in the first place. There were no traffic pattern or impact studies done! And traffic was horrible before the mega-store was built. Now, especially during the holiday season, the traffic is a Real mess for many blocks all around. Just another reason to not like this corporation.]

Anyway... Just had to ask: is that the tailfin of a fish in the picture, or part of your morning hairdo?


Anonymous said...

Dude - try not sleeping on your glasses, maybe. Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Next time, just get your prescription from Walmart, but buy some titanium memory flex or other similar glasses from Zenni or other online optical. (Plus, they cost half or less of Walmart.)

However, if you do that you have to know your bridge width, glasses width, earpiece length, lens width, and pupil distance (apart).

However, you'll get glasses you can sleep in, and do everything in, short of dragging your face on the pavement.