Wednesday, March 17, 2004

St. Patrick's Day and 3rd Year Review
Today at 3:30 I will meet with the Rank and Tenure Committee here at Xavier for what is called "Third Year Review." This means that I have been in a tenure track position for three years, and at this point they want to examine my scholarship, teaching, service, and collegiality to make sure I am on the right track. If there are things that they think I need to improve on before my tenure review after 6th year, it's nice to find out about it at this stage. I'm not sure what sort of questions they will ask. I've heard the committee reads everything in my folder, such as faculty update sheets, looks at letters of evaluation from my colleagues in the theology department, and looks at student evaluations. Members of my department have been very helpful in preparing me for this over the years. I'm pretty confident it will go well. I also applied for promotion to the rank of Associate Professor. This usually happens later, but I felt I was so strong in the scholarship portion that I might go ahead and ask. Actually, this had more to do with listening to the recommendations of other tenured members in my department, especially after my scholarship was recognized with the Frank Cross Award about which I've previously spoken. Anyway, big day for me, and I'll blog about what happens at the meeting later. It's March 17th, and I'm feelin' lucky. Erin Go Braugh!

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