Thursday, March 18, 2004

3rd Year Review Over, Blog Discretion
The third year review went well. It lasted about half an hour. The members all were nice, though it was sort of weird in that they knew a great deal about me. One of the quesions was about discipline in the classroom. It came from a computer savey person, and it got me to thinking about whether the question came from student reviews (which the committee looks at) or if he saw some previous blogs. The link to this blog is on my home page and several of my other pages, so if he were inclined to do a bit of surfing he could have come across this site easily. So it got me to thinking about how being honest with this journal could have professional drawbacks. So blogging about my thoughts teaching I believe is mostly positive, there are some potential drawbacks. In any case, I'm glad the third year review is over. I'm sure I will do fine in regards to my progress towards tenure. What I will be curious about is if the committee will recommend that I be promoted to Associate Professor rank, as I requested. To accomplish this task, you need 6 years of ranked teaching experience. I have three after this year, but I asked that other things be substituted for the other three years, such as anthropological, research, archaeological, and other teaching experiences. I should find out at the end of the semester.

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