Friday, May 13, 2011

Cecilia Fitzpatrick

Therese is on her way to Omaha. Her grandmother, Cecilia Fitzpatrick, passed away. Therese was very close to GeeGee, as Therese called her, or Ceil, as others did. In fact, Kalypso's middle name is Cecilia, named in honor of Cecilia Fitzpatrick. Cecilia was born on October 31st in 1913. As a Halloween baby, she had a large collections of witch dolls. I will always remember her sense of humor, self-deprecating demeanor, and kind heart. Here is a picture from about 10 years ago showing GeeGee and Kalypso. We'll miss you GeeGee, and thanks for all that you did for Therese and the rest of those who knew you.

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