Monday, February 08, 2010

Woo Hoo!

For the record, the onside kick was a foolish call.


David said...

No, it was a brilliant call.

Mark Folse said...

It was neither brilliant nor foolish. It was flat out crazy. I mean like "I get I can drink more Jaegermeister than you" crazy when you know you can. It was "I bet you I can break this board with my head" crazy when you've done it before, just not in front of company. (My kid has done this. I wouldn't recommend you try it at home. It takes practice, concentration and an incredible belief that Yes You Can Do This). it was Seige of Bastogne and Cemetery Ridge crazy; because that's who we are that that's how we roll crazy.

And it was beautiful because, as crazy as it sounds, they knew exactly how to break that board and they never saw it coming.

Unknown said...

It was as foolish as deciding to stay in this city in 2005. If that's foolish then I am one happy fool.

mominem said...

It's onlu stupid if it doesn't work.

dillyberto said...

The point is...........?

I can't see because of the glare shining off of that trophy...

hold on

yes, it was a Les Miles dangerous call.

We would have looked back on it and said he got too cute with the call, right?