Monday, September 01, 2008

Halfway Through Gustav

We lost power in my house at 4AM, and my AT&T iphone lost service just a few minutes ago. So if you're calling or texting I'm not ignoring you. But overall it's my impression that New Orleans is doing quite well. Only a few small branches down on my street, and no flood waters here at all. I'm not sure how Terrebonne Parish fared, as that is where the eye was supposed to have hit about an hour ago, but I hope everyone down there is OK. Cox Cable internet/cable and a Troy-Bilt generator are thus far allowing me to keep tabs on events. We still have water and gas. My dog Mosey is stressed out, but Oot the sugar glider and Morgus the parrot seem calm. I'm now going to try to find a cigar and then I'll smoke it in the house. Therese would never let me do that if she were here.


Sue said...

OK, so the REAL reason for staying has now been revealed. What some men will do for a cigar ;-)

Glad things are relatively mild. Hope they stay that way!

John Mclaren said...

Wow Mike!

I hope the best for all of you and I admire your bravery. Jill and I both want you to know our thoughts are with you, and if there is anything we can do just ask.

-John Leclerc

Anonymous said...

Left a voice mail, malaka. Therese and I will have to lecture you about that cigar. Then I'll feed you to Grace.

Glad things are uneventful.

julie homan said...

glad your doing well even though I had hoped you would have gone with your family. Keep safe and keep us updated.
Love you

Leigh C. said...

I cannot TELL YOU how happy I am that you and yours are okay. Please take care.