Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gustav Closes Xavier Campus

Xavier has announced that classes will be cancelled after 12 noon on Friday, and they won't resume until Thursday. Today we made sure the car was full of gas, we had our insurance policies in hand, and we stocked up on canned food and bottled water. Tomorrow, we make sure the generator is working, and we start thinking about an evacuation plan. Yikes!
Update Thursday 6AM: All of the panic seems premature, but there is panic. The two gas stations nearest Xavier don't have any gas and have shut down completely. There is, at the moment, only a 20% chance that New Orleans will see winds of 45 mph or more.


Anonymous said...

Be in touch! I'm worried about everyone who lives in town.

Anonymous said...

From Chicago: we are watching the weather maps with you and pray that, if anything at all happens, lessons have been learned, and that the feds realize that elections are 2 months away and it would be bad form for FEMA supplies and assistance to be any further than 2 hours away from the Gulf Coast. Good luck.

Sue said...

Thinking about you guys! Keep us updated!!