Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cleavered Window

At six PM as I sat in the kitchen reading the NOLA blogs, and Therese was in our room doing lesson plans, we heard the sound of broken glass. We looked around and noticed that the window in Kalypso's room was broken.
Then we noticed this cleaver blade on the ground:
We called the police and filed a report. The officer was friendly and came right away. He asked if we would be filing an insurance claim, we laughed. He thought maybe it was a weapon that someone was trying to get rid of, and he took it as evidence. I think it was just some neighborhood kid from one of the many backyards who just threw it. In any case, fixing the window is an unwelcomed addition of "things I have to do." Kalypso was gone when it happened, luckily. We're all cleaning up the glass now.


Anonymous said...

That's weird and a little disturbing.

Leigh C. said...

Oh, no!

Y'all take care.

mominem said...

Whoever threw it has a pretty good arm. That window is pretty far up.

Meghan said...

That's creepy! Hopefully it was just a dumb prank.

Sue said...

Hopefully it wasn't that whacko creep with the red SUV!

Anonymous said...

Many years ago I came home to a shelf of liquor riddled with bullets.

This was when I lived in Mexico. Of course I was sure assasins were out the loose. It turned out to be the obnoxious kids next door who had "borrowed" Dad's gun.

Let's hope this is the same caliber of idiot.

mominem said...

Twice the suburban office building my Atlanta office is in has been peppered with bullets.

The first time one bullet went through our office and into the corridor outside. Fortunately it was at night on the weekend and no one was there. The second time was also on the weekend.

We think it might be because the building used to have a big sign on the top floor that said "AIM".

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that it was a pre-adolescent really fun but bad idea gone wrong. Similar to the time my cousin and I thought it would be fun to break bricks by throwing the at the fence. We broke a window, too. Shocker.

Of course, my imagination has been playing catch-up for a while now.