Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fixing Our House

Today, at long last, we met with Greg Abry from Abry Brothers. Their family has been raising and leveling houses for 160 years, and they have a great reputation. The bottom line: Greg thinks that in mid-January of 2007 he would be able to put support beams on our house so we could gut it. About a week later, once the house was gutted, they would level the foundation and then straighten the walls. He is working up an estimate and contract and should get back to us next week, he said. Since we're forced to do such extensive renovations, we think we might want to add on to the back of the house about 12-15 feet. So we need to find an architect who can help us do that. Anyway, things are looking up a bit, it just takes such a long time.

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mominem said...

Once you have Abry on site, you might want to make sure you meet the new minimum flood elevations. That will require a Flood Elevation Survey.

Decide whether you want to add on first, it makes a difference.

Once they start jacking they might as well keep on going.