Friday, February 17, 2006

Things Looking Up A Bit

Yesterday the Louisiana House nearly unanimously passed legislation that would get rid of the many local levee boards in favor of just two levee boards staffed with experts. In the past the many levee boards were corrupt and sacrificed quality for cronyism. Now the bill goes to the state Senate, where it is expected to pass easily, and then to a statewide referendum September 30th. If it passed the new system would take place on the first day of 2007. This good news came in tandem with word that the Bush Administration had put another 4.2 billion in a supplemental budget for Community Development Block Grants in Louisiana. This would give the state enough funds it would seem to be able to help homeowners rebuild or buy out their property for greenspace. So things in New Orleans are moving slow, but things are looking up a bit. And on February 10th we actually had mail delivered to our house, the first time since August 2005. Oh yeah, and next Thursday, nearly 6 months after the storm, Allstate has finally found an engineer to come see our crooked house.

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