Monday, October 10, 2005

So Long "Stuff"

Therese and I had quite a bit of stuff in our house. I am frankly glad to be rid of most of it. We had a pretty large house in New Orleans and we just kept filling it up. Much of the stuff we had to get rid of was sentimental. There were things we collected from all over the world as we traveled, and even some bad taxidermy we collected. Here are some photos of our stuff all piled up in front of our house.
PA080082.JPG PA080073.JPG PA090136.JPG PA090143.JPG

But the saddest part of the entire clean up for me was realizing that my childhood photo album was destroyed. Before Therese evacuated from Katrina I asked her about the photo albums, and she said they were upstairs. Only this one was buried behind some of Therese's textbooks. Here are some pictures, or what is left of them, from when I was growing up.

PA080125.JPG PA080124.JPG PA080123.JPG PA080122.JPG PA080121.JPG PA080127.JPG PA090148.JPG

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Zeth said...

Really sad about the album. You have done the right thing - scan them all at the highest quality you can.

I have just recently seen some very clever algorithms that can be used to help clean up such photos, should be common place within a year or two, so worth holding on to the scans.