Sunday, July 24, 2005

Letters I Get-The Positive Part

Then, to bring balance back into the world, I got an encouraging letter from this guy I knew from excavating Wadi Feidan Jordan way back in 1999. His name was Mark Cooley, and he had an exploding thumb. More important, he was the Eggboy, but that is a very long story, and I hope that over the years Mark has received some professional help for his abnormal obsession for the thin shelled ovum of the domestic fowl. The Eggboy had some very nice things to say about his experience in the field that summer, and I thank him for that. In regards to a statement in my Teaching Philosophy which reads "When others, especially former students, look back on my life, I want to be remembered as a good teacher," Mark gave the following erudite advice: "You should probably shoot for something higher then good, as I remember you better then that." How nice is that?

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Anonymous said...

It's the level of feedback you should be receiving from most, if not all of your students. Personally speaking I don't know of anyone who I spoke to about the lecture you gave facing out across the Wadi who doesn't
a) Remember it with fondness, or
b) Recall it as anything less than inspirational
(and that is about where you should be aiming; hitting the spot time and again doesn't amount to luck). I was honoured to have been under your wing (so to speak!) on the dig.

Kind Regards
Ryan Powell,
aka Barry
(from the Larry, Harry, & Barry crew)
aka the winning Eggboy (year 2000)
(and you can blame Nate, as he alerted me to your Blog!)

Still contactable on my email I took to go out to Jabal Hamrat Fidan.
Take Care Mike,