Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Major in Theology? HaHa!

I recently graded an excellent student paper. She's a Freshman, and she chose to write about theodicy in Micah, not an easy task. Her thesis reads as follows:
In regards to theodicy, Micah holds to the idea that punishment from Yahweh follows sinful behavior; as Micah thoroughly lays out Yahweh’s case against the people of Israel and Judah and details the destruction that will come because of their sins, he also gives his people hope of redemption by emphasizing the love and compassion of the ever-righteous Yahweh to those who turn to and trust Him.

Papers like hers are a joy to read, and they aren't very common. As a standard practice I sent her an email complimenting her ability to write cleary, to think critically, and to understand a biblical text. I asked her to consider becoming a Theology major, and she just wrote back saying,
I am quite pleased that you liked my paper. Sometimes, when writing, I have no idea if what I'm writing is really what my professor wants. As to changing my major, haha. I've devoted way to much time to biology and chemistry to change majors now."

My loss. But I want and need to work harder at convincing the world that being a Theology major isn't a joke, and I need to better explain just what it means to be a Theologian. We do more than pray and sing songs about Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Homan, I am SO not a Freshman. I'm a Junior!