Friday, October 15, 2004

48 Hours of Blog Evaluation-God Help Me!

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. So I asked my 110 students this semester to write 2000 words per week and post it on a course blog. They did, and now that midterm grades are due next week, this weekend I will spend virtually every waking hour evaluating each students work. I think I'll divide the grades into two categories. One grade will be for the project that they came up with to improve the world. I'll be grading this section on the scope and duration of the solution that they came up with, and give them feedback on ways that I think their project could be improved. Secondly, I will give another grade based on the quality of writing and their effort, that is to say if a student posted each week 2000 words to the blog, and by and large avoided grammatical mistakes, than I'll give this section an A. I'm not sure yet how I'll grade the section if they are missing postings. We'll see. Anyway, while you blog readers are out enjoying the weekend, which by the way should be great weather in New Orleans, think of poor me, reading, reading, evaluating, and reading. I just figured out that 110 students multiplied by 2000 words is 220,000 words x 8 weeks = 1,760,000 words. I'll let you know later about some of the best projects.


Editor B said...

220,000 words. Yes, that's a lot.

Kind of funny that you're just doing the math now.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you asked them to blog each week for about 8 weeks?

Wouldn't that be....say....1,760,000 words?

Holy Crap!