Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Fall Semester Schedule Blues
Yesterday was the first day of classes for the Fall 04 Semester. It's the beginning of my fourth year at Xavier. Time has really gone by quickly. To be honest, I'm sort of starting off the semester with a bad attitude. I left for the summer to do archaeology thinking my schedule for the Fall would be the best ever. I was going to teach all four of my classes on Tuesdays and Thursday. That would have given me some much needed time to write. While in Israel I received an email from our department chair saying that the vice president let her know that I could not do that. I sent a long email explaining why I needed the schedule, but to no avail. They said nobody here at Xavier has a schedule like that, though I have personally found several who do. I believe that if the chair would have intervened and asked to give it a try because she thought it was a good idea it could have worked. Anyway, it reinforced my belief that students come first here at Xavier, whereas I would prefer a system where my needs are weighed equally to the needs of some incoming Freshman. Freshmen are important to me, as are Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. I would just like my voice to be heard and have more of a say in determining my schedule

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