Friday, June 04, 2004

I'm in Crawfordsville Indiana for a weeklong seminar/workshop for junior faculty who teach religion. It is being run by the Wabash Center, and thus far into it (about half way) it has been very productive. We've explored vocation and I've received many good ideas about how to be a better and more effective teacher. The staff is great, but I think the best part of the workshop has been sharing stories with other people in similar situations. Also there is a huge range of differences at different schools. Some teach a load of 2/3 and get the third year off (paid) to do research. I on the other hand, teach 4/4 and get no time off. That was sort of depressing. But going over university mission statements, I think the mission of Xavier fits me better than any other mission statement I heard today. I've been trying to read in my offtime several articles and books that deal with effectively using technology to teach. I've also been pretty tired, especially today. I'm sleeping more than at home. I think that I was just overly tired with the end of semester stuff and tying up lose ends before this workshop and digging at Zeitah this summer. I miss my children and wife. Kalypso luckily is at an age where she can email me. That is always a highlight of my day, reading her emails.

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