Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Number of Majors and Work Load
Recently the theology department has been accused of not working as hard as other departments because we have less majors.What follows is an edited excerpt from a letter I just sent.
It is true that the Theology Department has less majors than other disciplines here at Xavier. In fact, I have one advisee, Roy DuBose, an exceptional student who is double majoring in Theology and Biology. My work with him goes well beyond making sure he is taking the correct classes, as I talk with him frequently about how his academic and personal lives are progressing. Roy and I are even preparing a joint academic presentation about the Tabernacle in its Late Bronze Age historical context at a regional meeting for the American Schools of Oriental Research. However, I don't feel that the number of advisees I have has anything at all to do with how much work I get done. I am in my office most week days from 7AM until 6PM, take more work home with me, and as the police department will tell anyone (as they need to unlock the door), I am here nearly every weekend. Most of my time is spent on class preparation and grading papers, but I also serve on several committees. Finally, I spend all this time during the week in hopes that I can get caught up to allow me to continue to write on weekends, as I am in the midst of finishing a major biblical atlas in addition to several articles, book reviews, and websites. I would bet that there is nobody on campus, with the exception of Dr. Francis and some others in the administration, who puts as many hours into the academic betterment of Xavier than myself.

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