Thursday, September 22, 2005

From Bloomington to Jackson to New Orleans?

Friday morning Bart and I are heading south at least to Jackson Mississippi. There I have a friend named James Bowley who dug with me at Zeitah a couple years ago. In Bloomington Bart was able to get all sorts of supplies for the clinic, especially pharmaceuticals and a copier. Our van is totally full. We're trying to get a press pass so we can get around the city easier.

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~lynnie said...

I have spent the past hour reading your article at SBL, reading your blog, learning your side of the story of Katrina. I am originally from Jackson and currently living in FW. My father lived in NO for a few years before I was born and I remember being woken up by mom and dad on Saturday morning and asked "so do you (my sister, brother & I) want to go to New Orleans today?" since we didn't make it on family vacation some years these trips to New Orleans (and the jaunts down Bourbon that seemed so forbidden) are deeply ingrained in my memory. We had just been back with my parents this past March and eaten ourselves silly, i must say. cafe du monde (the only coffee i drink), central grocery and all those oyster po boys are perhaps my favorite parts!

I too am deeply saddened, no really hurt at the lack of understanding and how everyone televised EVERYTHING that was going on and did almost nothing. yet while there was 24 hour coverage, there was better news on WLBT and WJTV in jackson than anything CNN or the rest of the carriers attempted to do. no coverage was given to the gulf coast. I had to go to mississippi papers to find out anything.

all that to say, i wanted you and your friends know that you will be in my prayers as you travel back down.