Saturday, September 12, 2009

Holt Cemetery To Be Invaded by Archaeologists

The American Schools of Oriental Research are holding their 2009 annual meeting in New Orleans at the Astor-Crowne hotel. On Wednesday, November 18th, 9AM-2PM, several of us will be working with Save Our Cemeteries at Holt Cemetery. We'll be surveying the grave markers and taking pictures to establish a database which will later be compared to pictures taken prior to the levee failures of 2005.

Thus far 14 people have signed up, including moi, Howie Luvzus & Yo & Mo. If you are interested in hanging out with archaeologists at a cemetery, and hey, who isn't???, well then you should join us. More information on volunteering can be found on ASOR's blog. You don't need to be a member of ASOR to participate.

Holt Cemetery Sepia
Picture of Holt Cemetery taken today after rainstorm.

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Mark Gstohl said...

I've signed up too!