Sunday, April 10, 2011

St. Louis Cemetery No. 2 video

Students in my and Dr. EY Hammer's Freshmen Seminar classes, for their Service Learning project, researched some of the famous people buried at St. Louis Cemetery No. 2. This was in an effort to promote our community partner, Save Our Cemeteries. Here is their video:

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Worst Muses Shoe Ever

I have a God given gift for getting the prize shoe throws at Muses parades. I've gotten at least one every year. I'm like eye candy for the Muses, and I tell the lovely ladies who are riding that I will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, for a shoe. But this past year I received the worst Muses shoe ever. It's a crappy thrift store tennis shoe that was partially covered by ineffective glue and sprinkled with bargain store glitter. No laces even:

Compare this to some of the awesome shoes I usually receive from the lovely Muses:

I've concluded there are only two options. One, somehow Muses was infiltrated by one of those biddies from Iris. Two, the shoe was actually meant for Adrastos who was standing next to me.