Tuesday, May 19, 2020


I rarely remember my dreams. But when I awoke this morning I was in the middle of a very strange one. I was in the desert riding a camel, and it was not a very good camel. I was doing some sort of archaeological survey, but the camel was unpredictable and dangerous. I exchanged it for a much larger camel, and I was impressed with how it handled. I was nervous it was going to throw me as I tried to get on its back, to get my left foot over it, but it waited for me to get situated. Then I'm at my mom's house in Omaha, and now I have a large horse. I bring it downstairs to where my room used to be. I have a feeling like I've left the horse there a couple of days and I've been neglecting it. I knew Therese was going to be upset with me. I can't tell if the water on the floor is from Therese mopping or from the horse urinating. Then the horse gets on the couch with me and it's on its side, and Enkidu my bulldog is licking the horse's ears and the horse thinks it's funny, but I'm worried its legs will crush me. So I get up with the intention of taking the horse to the back yard for food and water, and I'm wondering what horses eat, and then I worry it will eat my mom's garden. I see the shower is on and I assume Therese must be in it as I see her blue and green robe. I know she's going to be upset so I start thinking about what to wear from the clothes in my suitcase. Then Gilgamesh comes down the stairs. I'm only wearing my black underwear, and Gil is wearing the same. He is also wearing his Buddy Holly glasses, and is about 14 years old. He thinks it funny we are dressed the same and he puts his hand in the air, pointing up, and shakes his head up and down saying "Yeeeeaaaaahhhh." I wasn't surprised to see Gil, like he was missing or anything. Then I woke up.