Friday, March 25, 2011

No Heroes Home Movie

Back in Omaha from about 1983-1987, I documented some of the punk scene by shooting my band No Heroes and many other things. Members of the first incarnation included Greg Spence on vocals, Dave Loomis on guitar, Mark Blackman on drums, and me on bass. Later we added my brother Jim Homan on guitar, and I took over on vocals. The sounds on the video comes from Mr. Fink, who recorded a No Heroes show in Kansas City at the Foolkiller in 1984. Also check out R.A.F., several parties, Sol Liebowitz getting pelted with rocks and garbage, and a frozen squirrel named Rocky. My friends Matt and Marc have big roles, especially Marc's evolving hair. Sorry for the poor quality. The film is old and we were all on drugs.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hortons (Sequel)

Continuing with the Super 8 movie theme, this was a sequel we made to the original movie my mom called The Hortons. I shot this with a super 8 camera back in the early early 90's, and it stars Therese, Chris, Jim, my mom the Spider Woman, our first 1966 Catalina, Omar and Tigger.

Canoe Trip on Niobrara River ca. 1992

Some good friends, four canoes, a river, and all kinds of beer back in 1992. A super 8 movie I recently had digitized. Warning: more super 8s to come when time permits. Movie shows me and Therese, Patrick Chase, Matt McAllister, Marc LeClerc, Jackie Sterba, and Vicki and Scott Castleman.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blue on a Green Day

Lately I've been overwhelmed by tragedy. Nothing too personal, as my grief stems from the events unfolding in Japan, the Middle East (especially Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and Palestine), Haiti, and any number of places in Asia and Africa. But mostly I'm saddened by events in Japan. I lie in my bed and think about people I'd seen in many videos that day running or driving as the tsunami hit. I wonder if they survived, or if their death was violent rather than peaceful. I wonder what thoughts were going through their minds as they drowned. I think about all the children watching from nearby hillsides as their towns and families are swept away. I think about all of the bodies washing up on the shores, and how I can't comprehend the long term effects of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.

I know that much of this tragedy in Japan reminds me of Katrina, with a natural disaster made much worse by old and poorly designed infrastructure. And yet I'm upset when people compare disasters, often arguing which one is worse. Not knowing what exactly to do to help the people of Japan, who were so incredibly generous with time and money after Katrina, I've decided for now to donate $100 to the NOLA Japan Quake Fund. Also I plan on drinking more than a few black and tans at Finn McCools. Erin Go Bragh, My Goodness, My Guinness, and Sinn Fein.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Conservatives Attacking Teachers

I was very impressed with this segment from Jon Stewart, and as always, thanks to all the hard working teachers out there. I, unlike these talking heads, appreciate your efforts.