Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Homan's Saints Living a Fantasy

For the first time in my life I'm in a fantasy football league at yahoo called "The Khanate of Football." My team consists of all Saints players, plus Bret Favre on the bench. So my fantasy football team isn't really much of a fantasy but rather, more of a fantastic reality. We're currently in second place. Here's the roster:
QB-Drew Brees
WR-Marques Colston
WR-Lance Moore
WR-Devery Henderson
RB-Reggie Bush
RB-Pierre Thomas
TE-Jeremy Shockey
BN-Robert Meachem
BN-Billy Miller
BN-Mark Brunell
BN-Joey Harrington
BN-Brett Favre

K-John Carney
BN-Garrett Hartley
DEF-New Orleans

Last Sunday Therese and I biked in the rain to join Dillyberto and Oyster for pregame rituals involving quail eggs in bloody marys. At the dome we got a very cool Lions voodoo doll from Howie's wife Shirley. The voodoo doll worked, as the Saints won 45-27. The next home game against the Jets we'll be hanging out with Chef Who Dat and the moustached cyclers. Who Dat!


Chef Who Dat said...

Mike Bell is unavailable?

Michael Homan said...

Bell is available. When I drafted, Pierre Thomas was healthy.


last time i had the whole saints lineup in my fantasy roster was 2006.

i smoked them other guys.

here's hoping that you do the same.

at least brees will bring you lots of points.

it was kind of fun to live and die in my fantasy leauge by a real roster.

good luck.

dsb nola said...

Isn't Billy Miller out for the season?

Michael Homan said...

I am loyal even to my injured players.

dsb said...

But what about Harrington? The guy isn't even on the Saints roster--or any roster, for that matter!