Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Saints, Katrina, Jets, Twin Towers & A Question

I had mixed emotions last Sunday when Fox Sports, during the Saints vs Buffalo football game, showed video of New Orleans under water four years ago. I believe it is important to let people across the country know that we still need help rebuilding. But at what point will we be able to watch a football game and not have to hear about Katrina? At the same time, my passion for the Saints is inextricably tied to my experiences during the flood and afterwards.

We play the NY Jets this Sunday. Why is it appropriate to show our city under water after the federally maintained levees gave way, but not appropriate to show the twin towers collapsing?


Mark Folse said...

I think that's a worth enough question I may wander over to FoxSports and find a place to ask it.

Anonymous said...

Good point. When that came on, we said, "Come on." I appreciate the attention, but a quick statement about how far we've come would be more welcome. Or maybe a statement about a small, poor market has 50,000 people on the waiting list for tix.

I guess it's better than Dan Patrick talking about what a dead city we were in that first season.

Anonymous said...

Agree with this. Came across this Katrina post shining light on this and how the media continues to make the Saints out to be America's team.