Saturday, April 19, 2008

What's Old is New Again

I've decided that battling my new and formidable nemesis Lord David the Pirate Artist has been too time consuming, especially with the semester winding down and Jazzfest on the horizons. So I had to turn down his gracious offer to join "Skull Club." I won't be mentioning him again, though I have to say one last time that I'll miss saying the skull club motto: "You tell, you die." Sigh... Life moves on, Yo.

Adrastos, you malaka, if you'll have me back, would you consider being my nemesis again? Wait, it looks like you never stopped hating me.


Anonymous said...

My loathing of you is pure and true, malaka.

Anonymous said...

Religion is for assholes that are too scared to deal with reality, wake up and smell the burning bodies!

LatinTeacher said...

I was looking forward to some more meeting minutes. Of course, what you have said here could be a clever ruse to throw us off the trail because you have seen the error of your ways. After all, you tell, you die.