Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kids, Their Abu, and Sports

Tonight Kalypso and I went to the Hornets' playoff game. We were two rows from the top, but had a great time. Over the course of the game, I explained to my 12-year-old-daughter why CP3 is at times called CP30, why he should be the league's MVP, why people ran around with giant Peja Stojakovic heads on a pole after he made 3-pointers, why Jason Kidd was a great player but had no gas in his tank, what was so cool about even attempting the alley-oop behind the head dunk even if it failed, and why Dirk Nowitzki was a great player but still sucked because we live in New Orleans.

By the way, both of my kids call me "Abu," Arabic for "father," because they were born and/or grew up in the Middle East. I'm not a fan of monikers like "daddy." I am a huge fan of most things Middle Eastern.

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