Monday, December 03, 2007

K-Ville Disrespects My Neighborhood

In tonight's episode of K-Ville, "Flood, Wind, and Fire," Boulet can't afford to stay in his lower 9th ward house due to increasing bills. His wife says they might be able to afford a one bedroom apartment, or a two bedroom apartment in "Mid-City." At this suggestion Boulet gets a pained look on his face and claims that his daughter would then have to go to a school which has "knife fights in the cafeteria." Despite the fact that K-Ville films quite a bit in Mid-City, that stupid comment doesn't help anyone. Aside from that, I thought it was one of the better episodes, as it documented the increased cost of living and people getting screwed by the insurance industry and its adjustors.

Later note: A neighbor lampooned Nagin, stating that even knife fights in the cafeteria were a two-edged sword, as it helps to keep the Mid-City brand out there.


mominem said...

She was watching Monday Night Football, so I missed it.

Can't say it was a high priority.

Facts don't seem to be a high priority with K-ville either.


the thing that made me laugh out loud at that line was that his house is next door to yours in mid-city.

Anonymous said...

Call me impertinent if you'd like; I, for one, will still do everything in my power to reach out for things with permanence, things beyond wealth and comfort and pleasure, things that have real meaning. Then, I will announce to the world that Dr. Homan's janissaries are unified under a common goal. That goal is to grant the most lecherous malefactors you'll ever see the keys to the kingdom.

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Michael Homan said...

Dear "impertinent" anonymous, thank you for policing my life and bearing the brunt of my awful actions. Also thanks for pointing out that I'm not only weak but genetically unfit. Alas, if only you could have pointed out these flaws before I brought DNA disaster to my kids. I wonder what it's like to post anonymous comments at 12:14 AM? It's also amusing that this rant about my efforts to ruin everyone's world came on a post about K-Ville. Keep up the good work freedom lover. Say, is this Officer Boulet?

Michael Homan said...

On further reflection, I wonder if the above anonymous comment is a prank from an automated insult generator?

Michael Homan said...

The anonymous comment turned out to be a comment from Howie. But I'm amazed at how accurately it attacked me. Have I become a cliche?