Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Today We're A Big Step Closer to Being Home

Abry Brothers will be finished with their work on our house later this afternoon. They straightened our racked house, raised it, built a new foundation, lowered our house onto the new foundation, and replaced all of our sills. They did great work everyone seems to agree. Soon we'll have a final walkthrough with our general contractor Douglas Marshall and our architect, Peter Waring, and then at that point, when they give the OK, the ball of responsibility will officially be handed off from Abry Brothers to Douglas Marshall from Webco and he'll have seven months maximum to finish the whole thing. Things are moving relatively fast, but I think I'm developing an ulcer and other health problems from all of the stress. Today also would have been the second day of our trial against Allstate Insurance had we not settled with them back in July of 2007. I'm glad we settled and I don't think I could have handled anything else in my life at this point.
Later Note: We were not very happy when Douglas Marshall of Gulf Coast Construction breached our contract when it got down to the punch list.
Our new sills.

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