Monday, December 03, 2007

Superdome Special-Ed

So it's second down and 10, and the Saints are beating their rival and division leading Bucs by 3, and they're one first down away from walking into the locker room with a key victory. Without Deuce and a running game, coach-of-last-year calls "The Superdome Special." Then the QB hands off to Reggie! Reggie! who throws the ball in the air sort of near but not really near Devery Henderson, and Tampa recovers and scores a touchdown to win the game. On a positive note, my kids' Christmas gifts just got better, as we'll be saving money on playoff tickets. I'll bet that LSU miraculously getting into the BCS championship game is taking some of the heat off of Sean Payton's bonehead play calling. And Reggie! Reggie!, get used to doing more A1 Appliance commercials, as Adidas and Pepsi, like me, aren't so impressed. Oh how things were different one year ago.

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