Friday, April 09, 2010

Will The Treme Make Me Cry?

I am very much looking forward to seeing HBO's new series The Treme. I'm a huge fan of David Simon's previous shows, especially The Wire. Plus John Goodman's character is based on the late great man of letters and punk rock fan Ashley Morris. Most (but not all) predict that The Treme will be a great ambassador for the unique culture of New Orleans. It should also help in educating America that the disaster in New Orleans was caused not so much by a storm, but by the greatest engineering failure in the history of this country.

However, I'm a bit nervous about watching The Treme. This morning while I was getting ready for work, I was listening to an NPR interview with David Simon and Clarke Peters. Clarke Peters was talking about a clip in which his Indian Chief character was looking for a friend in a desolate neighborhood just after the flood waters receded. I started thinking about those days after flood, about all the milestones such as discarding refrigerators, gutting moldy drywall, restaurants slowly reopening, visiting friends who moved to other cities, and all that garbage that is seared so deeply into my memory. I got a bit teary eyed remembering those difficult days. Through all those hardships we laughed and joked, but it wasn't at all funny. Like many (if not all of us) in New Orleans, I have so much baggage that I've repressed during these past 5 years.

But of course I'll watch the show religiously. I loved K-Ville, so you know I'm really going to fall for this one. Everyone's invited to our house to watch it Sunday at 9PM, especially those who don't have HBO.


oyster said...

"all that garbage that is seared so deeply into my memory"

I hear ya. Probly too much to expect the show to provide a healthy catharsis, but we'll be drawn to watch it anyway. The flaws in the show might actually help in this respect-- give us a little protective distance from the psychic needles. After a few episodes, maybe the nervousness will fade.

Adrastos said...

The Goodman character is *loosely* based on Ashley. There will be similarities but also major differences. Otherwise, great post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the generous invite, Mike! I'll be sure to bring some extra handkerchiefs with me.
- Mother Mary


me and my wife watched the goodman/ashmo promo on the webs the other night.

after it was over we looked at each other and started laughing because we were both crying.

thanks for saying you loved k-ville.

i am a fan of that show as well as the exotic ones with sleepy la beef as the swamp big foot monster , and the silent movie version of tarzan filmed in morgan city.

the guys in the ape suits were members of the noac

any film of new orleans has me. the story be damned.

i got to lend you my copy of jd's revenge. it shows the old tulane stadium plus 70's bourbon street .

my point is there is no bad new orleans movie.

even the most hated movie of all time the big easy has a scene of the old house in bucktown that i admired my whole life.

now gone for ever.

i guess it's just how you look at it.

on the other hand the old ptsd has taken a big nap the last two years.

i wonder if he will raise his ugly head again.

at the same time i think as time goes by he becomes an easier beast to slay.

bless you kids. your pal gya

Jim Anderson said...

Well, did it make you cry or not?

Michael Homan said...

Nope. Did not cry. But others in the room did.