Friday, April 16, 2010

Ezekiel and Resurrected Bones

My sixth opinion piece in the Times-Picayune appears in tomorrow's paper. It's about Ezekiel and the work Mark Gstohl and I have done with our Xavier students at St. Louis Cemetery No. 2 in collaboration with Save Our Cemeteries. Thanks to Annette Sisco of the T-P for her help with this.


John Hobbins said...

Thanks for this, Michael. I got here via a Facebook comment by a mutual friend, Walter Baer. I discuss this post here:

Hope to see you at SBL-Atlanta. I'm slated to be presiding at two sessions, one on Song of Songs with Cheryl Exum (should be great), and another around Seth Sanders' book on the Invention of Hebrew, a blockbuster I hope you've seen.


dominique you's tomb the last real touch stone to the pirates lafite ,

the barbiran tomb. home to so much musical history.

i've allways heard that marie lavou's real tomb is in number 2 but have never seen it.

one all saints day a while back i did a pot of gumbo in there at a friends tomb.

it was an awesome day in that she is a big blonde haired blue eyed white lady .

a cat we all knew who is a pretty dark skined black man showed up at the tomb.

turns out it was the same family tomb and much wine and gumbo was consumed as the gaps in the family history tree was discussed.

long forgotten aunts and uncles on both sides were connected.

it was one more lesson in my life of how connected we are.


shit i keep over thinkig this show.

you think when davis shows up at the second line and he says 3 of the furious five on duty.

is daymo one of the missing 5?