Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stuck in Omaha

We've been leaking transmission fluid in our car, and there has been a giant blizzard the past two days. We were supposed to be driving back to New Orleans today, after a week in Nebraska. Anyway, we took our car in today to La Vista Toyota, and they said we have a bad seal to the transmission pump. The won't be able to get one in stock until Tuesday. We tried to drive anyway thinking we could stop every 100 miles and add transmission fluid, but we only made it a couple of miles when we decided we'd better turn around. There were dozens of cars in the ditches, and the car wasn't handling right. When we pulled over the transmission fluid was nearly empty, so we put in transmission fluid and drove back to my mom's house. At 6 AM Monday we'll drop it off again at La Vista Toyota.

All of this creates several problems. One that I solved is that Howie will be using my Saints tickets. Howie suggested I email them to him and I was able to do this on the Saints website. We're still trying to get in touch with the neighborhood guy who has been taking care of our dogs. We need him to know he has to continue if possible and also check in on the guinea pig, the parrot, and the sugar glider. I had to cancel my doctor's appointment for Tuesday. We don't know what to do with the guys who are working on our solar panels. They were supposed to meet me early Monday. Anyway, we have several big headaches, and let me tell you, I know what it means to miss New Orleans. We are still more than 1000 miles away and wishing we never left.


Chef Who Dat said...

Will offer up an extra Roof Banger's Creed on your behalf. Hope ya'll are well.

Michael Homan said...

Take care of Howie for me.

Adrastos said...

Glad you turned back; driving with a leaky transmission is a very bad idea. In fact it smacks of malakatude. Besides, your mom probably need you there to shovel snow.