Wednesday, December 30, 2009

$5,000 Christmas Picture from Santa

2009 was a Christmas to remember. Or to forget. Our car is still in Omaha. It needs a new transmission and drive axle. It will cost more than $5,000, and it won't be ready until late next week at the earliest. My father-in-law graciously allowed us to borrow his van to get back to New Orleans. School starts for the kids already next week, and we have many work related projects to complete before the New Year. But back to the Christmas from 2009:

My favorite gift was a Saints gnome. I also got fleur de lis cuff links and tattoo, a boot scraper, an oven liner, a blue vase, some dessert wine, an ornament, and some pistachios. I also got about $350 cash. I forget what else. All it cost me was three seventeen hour drives to Omaha and a $5,000 transmission.

Another way to look at is this picture, of the newest generation of Homans, cost $5000.
Sure it's cute. It's Kalypso, Cedric, Lena, Zane, and Gilgamesh. But for $5,000 Gilgamesh should have removed his face mask. But being that the high temperature was 5 degrees, who can blame him?

We also got this picture of my mom and my siblings:
Surely that's not worth $5,000. I like the picture though. And in any case, I could have taken the same picture next week when I have to drive back to Omaha to get my car, which needed a new transmission, which cost more than $5,000 as I might have mentioned earlier.

Screw you Santa! And Omaha, if and when I get my car back, you probably won't be seeing me for a while.


Leigh C. said...

Yeah, that's what my car repairs this year amounted to: $4,000 in the spring, and another $1,000 just before December kicked off. Happy holidays, my ass.

Ah, hell, I hope yours were happy anyhow. Here's to a better new year.

John Rodkey said...

Had something similar happen when my family was driving back from MN Ended up paying several thousand to replace the engine in a van barely worth the cost of repairs.