Monday, October 26, 2009

God Answers My Prayers with a Saint's Tibia from an Alleged Prostitute

I was feeling emotionally and spiritually drained after the Saints amazing come from behind victory over the Dolphins yesterday. This morning I asked God for a little help, a sign. And then seconds later I read that Saint Mary Magdalene's tibia is touring around the U.S. and Saturday it will be at St. Anthony of Padua's church, very close to my house. Mary Magdalene has been linked to prostitution over the past 2,000 years; however, this is more legendary than historical, as there is nothing in the Bible or early historical sources that mention this. But back to God's sign for me, even more amazing, St. Anthony of Padua is only a block away from the Canal Street Brothel where Senator David Vitter hired prostitutes. This is historical, but I should point out, there is nothing in the Bible that condemns diaper fetishes with prostitutes named Wendy.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't "historical" imply that it's in the past? I think you're assuming he's done with the Wendies.

Ricardo said...

Her tibia? Is that where the term "show a little leg" comes from?

My word verification is "auwkier". This gives me the words gawker, akwerd, wierd and kwier.

Robert Wilson said...

There are a lot of unproven stories about Mary Magdalene:

--that she was a prostitute (as you mentioned).

-- that she secretly married Jesus and bore him a child.

-- that her skull is in France.

--that she was the Holy Grail (as claimed in the Da Vinci Code book).

However, most biblical scholars doubt that any of these stories are true.

Jaime said...

Was it a real tibia?

Michael Homan said...

I believe it was.