Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dreaming of Werewolves and Alligators

Four days ago I had the second scariest dream of my life. The scariest dream of my life came when I was about 6 years old. I dreamed I was in our backyard, and a werewolf came by and asked to see my siblings. I knew he wanted to eat all of us, so I lied, and then sprinted to the house. During this dream I was sleep running, as I came from my room in the basement to my parents' room upstairs, with the werewolf biting my leg as I dove onto my parents' bed.

The second scariest dream is as follows. I was near a small area of water where two giant alligators were eating birds at the opposite end of the swamp, about 30 feet away from me. It was muddy and though I tried not to I gradually slid into the water. I couldn't get out. It was too slippery, and I needed help. Therese was nearby but she was talking to someone. I said "Therese, please, I need some help here." When I said that, one of the alligators turned its head as it noticed me and started swimming towards me. Therese continued her conversation ignoring me. I repeated "Therese, I really really need some help, this is very very important." Therese kept on with her conversation. I noticed the alligator was about 15 feet away at this point. I raised my voice and said loudly that I needed help from Therese. The alligator at this point dove under water. I screamed "Therese, I really need some help here!" Just as Therese was saying goodbye and noticing me in the water the alligator bit my leg.


Mark Gstohl said...

It's always about you isn't it Michael! Give her a break! She was busy!

Michael Homan said...

I had my leg bitten by a freakin' gator!

adrastos said...

Scary? That was hilarious.


that dream is weird in that you didnt wake up before the chomp.

all my scary dreams usually end up with an eyes wide open . heavy breathing fully awake, and a sudden jerk from r.e.m. state right before the bad thing happens.

i dont know whats going on but my dreams have been more vivid and easier to remember latley.

blame it on el nino?