Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Dirt Than I Needed

I just bought 8 cubic yards of topsoil. I only needed 6 but the minimum they deliver is 8. It's supposed to be delivered on Friday. Then Saturday, we landscape and get some sod to put on top of it. Good fun.


oyster said...

The Mayor has been urging people to "buy some dirt in New Orleans" for years now. I'm glad you finally did your civic duty.

Anonymous said...

I've been sitting with fresh topsoil (well, river sand, actually) spread throughout the front and back yards for weeks now, worrying about it it's too late in the season to get new sod established before the growing season ends.

Anonymous said...

We bought topsoil from Reliable Soil Co. a few weeks ago and their minimum was 5 yards. Good soil too. Had plenty to spare for the neighbors.