Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2 Hurricanes & A Semester's Rough Start

Here at Xavier University, it's halfway through week four. However, I have one class that only meets on Friday, and we have not yet met. We missed the first two Fridays because of Gustav, and then we missed last Friday because of Ike. Moreover, this Friday I'll be en route to Boston for an American Schools of Oriental Research meeting, so the Friday of week 5 will be our first class. I've tried to keep things moving along pedagogically with technology, but when Gustav was approaching Xavier moved its website, blackboard, and email to a remote host in some faraway place known as Denver. Now they've moved everything back except the email, but there have been many glitches. I wonder if this is something that I can expect for the rest of my life every September, when the hurricane season is most active? It's tiring.

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