Tuesday, August 29, 2006

One Difficult Year

I am feeling better today than I did yesterday. Life in New Orleans these days is certainly an emotional roller coaster. Thanks for all the nice things people have said to me directly, and the comments. At 7:30 AM today Bart and I did a radio interview for Boozocracy. Then at 9 AM Kalypso and I were off to hear W. Bush's speech at Warren Easton High School, but on the way out the door we met with two representatives from Allclaims, who are working with our attorney Greg DiLeo on our wind claim/lawsuit. It turns out they were meeting with a representative from Allstate to show her that clearly our house is leaning because of the winds of Katrina, and that the Haag engineers were corrupt idiots, and Allstate certainly did not want this to go to court. I probably should have stayed home for that important meeting, but the Allclaims guys were more than qualified to represent me, and I wanted to make sure my daughter got to see the spectacle of W's "historic" speech. We saw it, and the speech was OK, at least by the standards for this president. But talk is cheap, and we are lacking leadership from the city, state, and federal levels. It was very hard for me to watch all the politicians make small talk before the speech, as it seems despite even the best intentions, the nature of the job at some point makes a narcissistic turn. Thank God for term limits. Then Kalypso and I spent the rest of the day working on her Katrina + 1 year movie. It still needs quite a bit of work. I will be so glad when midnight gets here and the anniversary stuff is finished. It's exhausting to dig up those horrible memories. Speaking of memories, a year ago at this moment, the flood waters were about six inches below our porch. I slept briefly and woke at 3 AM. By then the waters were 3 feet inside our house. Nothing in Bush's speech today will change that.

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A 7:30 interview for Boozocracy should get you in training for sobriety, dude.