Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Food Insurance & Fema Trailers

Yesterday I received a letter from FEMA saying that they were denying the request that we made back in October '05 for a FEMA trailer. The letter stated that we were ineligible because "App needed to have insurance for food since 3/01/84." Heck, back in March of 84, I was getting ready to graduate from highschool, and at that carefree time I didn't even have any food insurance. I suppose it was irresponsible of me not to have it, and FEMA is probably thinking that I'm too fat now from eating uninsured food to fit into one of their trailers. Anyway, I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon on the phone with FEMA, and Deborah from Texas was very nice, as the FEMA phone people always are, and Deborah and some of her colleagues laughed at the letter, and she apologized and said the letter was clearly a mistake. Deborah said she would email the "trailer supervisor" and get us back on the list. I'd recommend to everyone that if you haven't lived in a hurricane ravaged area, you are missing out on some great fun.


Ray said...

I could have used some food insurance back in '84, 'cause they cut my stipend and I had to eat mac and cheese for a whole semester.

Michael Homan said...

Ray in Austin makes an excellent point. It was the Mac and Cheese lobby, along with the Ramen Noodle lobby, that basically ended food insurance back in the Reagan era.