Monday, February 20, 2006

Wizard of Paws

Barkus rolled on Sunday. The theme: Wizard of Paws: There's No Place Like Home.
Our float displayed a felt sign saying Ding Dog the Bitch is Fed, and other signs featuring Bush as the Scarecrow, Brown as the TinMan, and Nagin as the Cowardly Lion. I was the Mayor of Munchkin City, Therese the Lion, Kalypso Dorothy with Kochise as Toto, Gilgamesh as a flying monkey (but not the king), and Mosey as the Tinman.
P2190087.JPG GeorgeBush MikeBrown RayNagin 101882052_08581b7f2a_b P2190074.JPG 101887014_015b228aac_b

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