Monday, February 13, 2006

Oh God...

I was surfing around and thought I'd check the National Rifle Association to see what spin they had to offer about guns following Vice-President Cheney's hunting "mishap" over the weekend. They didn't mention the incident, which didn't suprise me, but I saw that they were using New Orleans as propaganda for reducing gun control. The NRA's VP Wayne LaPierre cried "Remember New Orleans!" and said "We're gonna make New Orleans the worst nightmare the gun ban crowd has ever seen, I promise you that." It seems a few property owners who legally owned guns had them confiscated so they weren't able to protect their stuff by shooting people. And as I write this, the Louisiana Legislature it seems is not going to consolidate the levee districts despite the pleas by citizens, the federal government, and our governor. Seems as if Louisiana is shooting itself in the foot once again in the name of cronyism.

Later Note It seems gun sales are skyrocketing.

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