Monday, August 30, 2004

Why I Love My Job Reason Number 5007: Time is a thief
I've been thinking a great deal lately about time. It started this summer while doing archaeology at Tel Zeitah with Ron Tappy. He commented that time is a thief. He is correct. Time takes away our loved ones, our cities, all the things we value, Time steals them all. Time is a real downer. I hate time, though I am obsessed with being on time oddly enough. However, when I conduct history, archaeology, and theology, I am taking things back that time stole. I help others to remember things that happened, and it must upset time that I'm doing this. Some people help those that are sick, and save a life here or there. I help entire civilizations to be remembered, immortalizing them in a way.

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Editor B said...

BB King and Rod Stewart would agree with Ron Tappy.