Friday, August 27, 2004

Center for Undergraduate Research and Sundays
There is this new office here at Xavier called the Center for Undergraduate Research (CUR) headed by Dr. Mary Crowe. It seems like a great asset, and Dr. Crowe seems like a great person to run the office. In the past I’ve tried at times to include students in my research. It’s a great thing, but it can be much more work at times instead of just doing work by myself. Anyway, CUR has some new funding opportunities for new proposals. It isn’t much money but it is better than a sharp stick in the eye, as one of my teachers used to say. I want to propose some project with me and one of our majors Roy DuBose. The problem is trying to pick a topic that will help Roy and get me a publication. I am interested in doing more research with residue analysis. Roy’s most recent research has focused on the ark of the covenant. Anyway, this weekend I need to finish an article on source criticism for Bible Review. Then, I need to pick a topic for the CUR proposal. Also, we decided to make Sunday house day. SO every Sunday we pick a project and work on the house. Last weekend I put Polyurethane on the brick fireplaces. This weekend I think we will paint the molding we just put up. Anyway, that means I need to get much more done on Saturdays, because I won’t be in the offfice. I’m very pleased with how blogging is going so far. I’ve got some great students, at least that is my first impression.

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