Friday, April 18, 2008

Life Imitating Television

I'm finally getting around to watching The Wire, and it's pretty good drama. In episode 1, D'Angelo Barksdale is on trial for murder. A female security guard named Nikeisha Lyles, who previously identified Barksdale as the murderer, on the witness stand refuses to identify him and said she previously made a mistake. Shortly thereafter, William Gant, a male witness who identified D'Angelo in court, is found murdered.

Meanwhile, here in New Orleans, David Bonds was on trial for the murder of musician Dinerral Shavers. The key witness, a teenage girl, had previously identified Bonds as the killer. But on the witness stand, she claims she didn't see the killer in the courtroom. She stated "I don't see anybody. I must need glasses." Bonds was found not guilty. Finally, a young man who was in the car with Shavers when he was murdered, and who subsequently testified in the trial last week... well, he was shot and killed yesterday.


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