Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'll Meet You At The Door

Therese's paintings of Kalypso and Gilgamesh, and our fleur du lis doorbell with Mardi Gras decorations, appeared on page 10 of the Inside Out (Home/Garden) section of the Times-Picayune this morning.

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Anonymous said...

holy shit!

small world.

when we were renters in the upstairs apt. over there we allways dug the way yalls home used to be a single family unit back in the day.

we could imagine what it would take to bring it back to that state.

we couldnt afford that house so we wound up buying a 1100 sq. ft. 1934 cottage in gentilly and lovingly restoring it.

thank you for letting me and trish watch it thru your blog.

please at some point post a history of your home as to when it was built and how it evolved up to this point. i am a geek for that part of new orleans history.

as to the other pics.........

the one with take off your shoes was pretty cool to.

i can only imagine you and gil scractchin your chins like a bond villian while making a hmmmmmmm noise.

i imagine yall saying dang we should have done that one.....

the one with the guy next to the dish was an old united cab roof top ad that aso featured a woman and they were both smoking some crappy cig. like virgina slims or something.

the one with the plywood folk art guy saying live strong"?"

i feel like ive seen it but i cant remember where.

if anybody knows where it is hollah. i would love to see it.

peace to the south alexander street

love rickngentilly.