Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Chickens

Therese turns 40-something tomorrow, and to show our love and appreciation, we got her four Rhode Island Red chickens. Here is one of them watching the inspiring video by Samwell, "What What in the Butt"


Your driver said...

Chickens are good company.

Anonymous said...

Michael NOT funny, when you watch this with your kids.Therese

Anonymous said...

The chickens told me they feel violated.

Anonymous said...

cairo zoo got nothing on your roadside attraction.

now if you can only teach it to play tic tac toe.

Anonymous said...

the i.q. zoo in hot springs changed my life.

had no idea it was started by rebels from b.f.skinner.


Anonymous said...

samwell je t'aime!
Tu es ma liturgie, ma castration visuelle hydrophonique, le soleil de mes tuiles.
La ronde brise de mon soufflet gastrique et pelvien apréhende le paroxisme intraclaviculaire, il est si fragile, mig.