Sunday, March 21, 2010

Japanese Magnolias

Today in the front of our house we planted three Japanese magnolias. Part of the decision to plant these particular trees comes from the fact that our china has a pattern depicting Japanese magnolias. Our china comes from my father, who purchased it in Japan when he was in the Far East in the army just after the Korean Conflict. On the back of the China it reads "Noritake China Japan 5473."
Note: digging holes in Mid-City New Orleans is very difficult, with the oyster shells and clay.


Sue said...

I love magnolias. They're short lived, but sooo pretty while blooming.


did neighbor mike's tree make it thru the federal flood?

i used to love that tree.

looking forward to an update on the solar thang.

happy spring guys.

dsb said...

What, no bricks in your backyard? Every time I dig a hole I hit a vein of bricks. And then there's all the glass that continues to rise to the surface ..

Martin said...


I do believe those are actually dogwood flowers.

Note the distinguishing cleft in the petals on your plate, and compare here:

Granted the cleft is not on all the late's petals, but I don't expect botanic accuracy from china.

Thus, although the plates's compound leaf is neither strictly magnolia nor dogwood, it's far closer to dogwood.

Dogwoods do not do well south of the Lake, so I wouldn't dig up the magnolias however.

Michael Homan said...

I think Martin is correct. Shoot. I need dogwood china now.

Mark Folse said...

But the Japanese magnolias are one of the first blooms of Spring down here. A fine choice.

It's that time of year when my mind starts to drift back to DC and the cherries in bloom...

Anonymous said...

Noritake is an extremely famous and quite pricy brand.