Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Father's Repose

My sister, brother, and I, along with our families, today spread the ashes of my father in two of his favorite places. We planned on doing this immediately after his funeral back in February but due to an ice storm we put it off until today. First we went to Clarks, Nebraska, where we had a cabin on the Platte River. We all shared some of our memories and then sprinkled my father's cremated ashes into the river. Next we went to Cedar Rapids to our family's farm, and spread the remainder of the ashes there. I think he would have enjoyed hearing our stories about him. I know he would have loved reminiscing about all the time we spent at the cabin. I did a lot of growing up there. The wilderness gave me the space I needed to get through some awkward and difficult years. I still miss you dad, and I appreciate all you did for me. Rest in peace.

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mominem said...

I'm looking for the New Orleans Gothic picture of you, your wife and children, pitchfork and all in fornt of the family farmstead.