Friday, March 30, 2007

Faking Katrina Destruction Courtesy of K-Ville Stresses Me Out

Right now there are about 50 carnies, I mean movie people, outside working hard to make my house and all of my neighborhood look like crap. It's all because of television. My neighbor Mike's house was chosen to be the fictional home for the main character in a TV pilot called K-Ville. Our house, or more accurately our porch, is being used to be the porch of Kaja, the neighbor who puts her home up for sale. We were paid $2000 for them to use our porch, so that officially makes me a publicity whore. But you knew that already, as I blog. As I speak they are painting a fake flood line on my house, and piling up cars and fridges and all kinds of debris in my front yard. This is all much more psychologically difficult than I thought it would be. It's as if the flood lines, the flooded cars, and the scenes of debris have become sacred memories in my mind. I helped dump many of my neighbor's stinky refrigerators, and scrub off the flood lines. I saw many dead bodies in the flood waters, and I saw suffering I will never be able to adequately express. Now these images are back, but in a fake Hollywood style. It's obvious to me today, seeing all this fake Katrina set, that I have many deep residual issues about my Katrina experience that will stay with me forever.


Anonymous said...

What a totally weird thing to go through. At least you got 2K for it. Kinda like FEMA.

Anonymous said...

I lived less than 15 blocks from the World Trade Center on 9/11. Watched the buildings burn (and fall) out my living room window. Four years later, in another city, I stood with a crowd to watch an ugly eyesore of a building be imploded...and was surprised and saddened by the memories that brought up.

For your sake, I hope they finish filming soon. IMO, you should've charged--and they should've offered--to pay you much, much more.

Anonymous said...

Man, I can really see how that would be tough to handle. Couple hundred more movies, and you really can tell Allstate where to go. Hang in there.