Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Father, God, and Blogs

My dad will be discharged from the hospital today. The whole situation is quite complicated. As I understand it, Medicaid would have paid for him to be admitted to a nursing home here in Columbus Nebraska for about 100 days. My brother Jim and I went to visit the two nursing homes that had male beds open. The good think would that there would have been 40 women to every man there, and my dad would have been very popular. But Jim and I decided that we would not be very happy with ourselves if we left my dad there at a nursing home. He would get very good care, but it was not the best solution. We all agree that hospice is the best way forward, and want very much for my dad to spend his last days in comfort. We saw his potential room at one nursing home. It had a view overlooking a cemetery. In fact, it was the same cemetery where my grandparents are buried. So we are looking into two options. One he stays at his apartment and we hire appropriate care. That will be expensive, but perhaps the most comfortable option for my dad. The second option is that I drive him to New Orleans and he would live with us. The worst part of this option for my dad is that he has a great companion and caregiver named Liz, and my dad wouldn't be able to see her very often if at all. We will explore these issues today. I'll spend a few days and nights with my dad at his apartment in Columbus getting all of this situated.

Yesterday at the hospital I was approached by a very nice hospital employee. He said he comes from a nearby town of Meadow Grove, and he knew my Uncle John very well prior to his passing. He said his wife reads this blog, they knew I was heading to Columbus, and that he and his family were praying for me. I was amazed and said that represented a uniquely 21st century happening, that sometimes technology can be a good thing. He said no, it was God. Maybe both are accurate.


Anonymous said...

Decisions like this are really tough. It's hard to do the right thing for eveyone. All you can do is to try your best. I'm sure you will. I wish I had something more profound to say but I'm a mere blogger...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the weather didn't hold you up. Classes were cancelled yesterday due to the storm so I'm sure your plans for the classes can be moved and allow you to not worry about work right now.

Adrastos is right. You and your brother will do the right thing. Think about what is best for your dad. I know you'd like to have him in New Orleans, but you have been able to spend a good deal of time with him this past year. Take comfort in that. It was a great privilege to hear you speak to your father in such a loving way Sunday. You've been able to say things to him that most of us really do need to say to our fathers.

Your dad is blessed to have a son like you. I'm not one to pray a lot, but know that your whole family is in my prayers. I love you Michael and it hurts to see you go through this. But your doing a great job and handling it with much grace.